Kayaking in Halong Bay


To feel all the majestic nature of HaLong Bay and discover all the mountain wall with beautiful peaks and whirlpool, it is best doing with kayak.
Kayaking Halong Bay, Vietnam
Rowing kayak in HaLong Bay appearred since the first decades of the 90th At first, this means mainly just for tourists attracted foreign venturers, but now, there are many tourists in the kayak and boating, especially young people. Discover by boat kayak, tourists seem to find a HaLong Bay beautiful that cannot felt when sitting on the boat

The beautiful wonders of nature through images and the unique fun of thousands of limestone islands, caves with fanciful stone rocks which enchant all tourists. Alone on the boat or with a row in hand, visitors will explore the feelings that never been through when the kayak touches the foot of the mountain and feel the quietness to the absolute area of the bay.

When the kayak wool over the islands which have not been named, you will behold the beauty of the coral reefs, flocks of the tiny fishes swimming by and innumerable sights never seen in any travel books. Each time the rows go up and down bringing along thousands of sea water drops beautifully sparkling in the sun.

Until now, most big boats serve tourists in Ha Long Bay are more equipped with kayaks. There are many types of kayak from composit plastic or molded rubber boat with paddling rows. The islands like Luon cave, Three Peaches....are ideal for kayaking.

In the caves below, to come into the cave, rowers have to lie down on the kayak and use their hands just pushing the ceiling to get through. In a shallow lagoon, rowers have to drag the boat to overcome...

In 2000, the report National Geographic Adventures Journal has voted Halong Bay is one of 25 destinations for kayaking.



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